NEXT is an Australian based software development company, based on developing web & device based applications to streamline vocational training and assessment and compliance.

Next is all about productivity, time management, cost saving, sustainability and more. Finding amongst professional sectors that there are many systems which focus on data storage, there were no systems which specifically brought this stored data and Accreditation and compliance together with a unique tool for capturing outcomes in vocational education and training.

After years working in professional sectors, our team discovered there were many processes that were being unnecessarily double handled leading to lower levels of staff productivity and higher labour costs. That’s how the Next concept was born.

Aiming in the future to provide software for a large range of sectors, Next will be able to help in managing the massive amounts of data required to be held for legal and compliance purposes, creating a solution to submit, store, and display required data as it is necessary. NextVET is the beginning, with more to come.


Amanda Grassby

Co Founder & Director

Amanda Grassby is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Next G, as well as CEO of the Exceed Group, Exceed Child Care Training and current approved provider of several Early Childhood Education and Care Services.

Amanda has over 25 years’ experience in Management, business development and compliance and her ability to maintain and demonstrate high quality compliant services is second to none. It is with this experience, together with Next G Co-Founder Amanda Offen, that lead to the development a tool to assist RTO’s to demonstrate their compliance and to apply the rules of evidence for assessment in a more streamlined, user friendly way.

Together with her business partner, Amanda has developed the NEXT concept from the ground up, recognising the need for a time efficient, sustainable software product, which would be beneficial not only within the education sector, but any sector which required the demonstration of compliance to industry standards.

Amanda Offen

Co Founder & Managing Director

Amanda Offen is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Next G Software Solutions as well as Operations Manager for Exceed Child Care Training.has been working in the Vocational Education and Training sector as Operations Manager for the past 2 years responsible for registration and audit in addition to other operations.

Prior to this, Amanda has over 20 years’ experience in the Early Childhood sector in various teaching and management roles. Working in large services that are heavily regulated and measured for Quality Assurance in the childcare arena, Amanda has demonstrated the ability and experience in maintaining and demonstrating compliance, in addition to providing high quality Educational services.