What’s NEXTCertify?

The concept of NEXTCertify was developed after we joined the VET sector after 25 years in the Australian Early Childhood field as university trained teachers, directors and upper management.

What’s NEXTCertify for Educational Institutions?

Our URL based application, which has future plans for IOS and Android capabilities, allows educational institutions to capture, display and retain evidence to support student assessment and regulatory requirements.

The software can be pre-populated with standards, learning outcomes, performance and knowledge evidence and any other relevant data required to demonstrate compliance or competence in a unit and/or qualification, in addition to compliance with Accreditation criteria where applicable. Our research has shown us that the systems for Accreditation/Industry Compliance within the USA vary considerably between States and Institutions, however the unique design of the NEXTCertify App can be readily adapted to meet these variations.

The Australian model links directly to the National Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 to clearly and easily demonstrate compliance in the case of an audit. It will also allow RTO’s to see at a glance any potential non-compliance and allow them to address this before it escalates. Other countries have the same ability to identify these potential issues relevant to their own compliance standards.

The use of a one of a kind #hashtag system, allows one piece of evidence, be it collected by students, Assessors, Auditors or Administrators to be used across multiple areas eliminating the need to double handle information.
Educational institutions have their own unique and secure log in details and have all their data maintained securely on a cloud based server hosted in Australia or where required/requested in the USA.

What’s NEXTCertify for Students?

We are in a digital age now where most students are engaging heavily with technology. The old school systems where students have to upload zip files and email documents is a thing of the past and students want instant communication. Our application adopts this idea of instant and allows students to work with an application on their phone or other device to submit work, communicate with their assessors and network with other students in the same course.

The system allocates each student their own personal account that is password protected. The student is linked to their trainer, and to the course/unit/credential they are enrolled in. All of their assessment and course material is available to them and they can complete all of their tasks through this space. The student can complete pre-populated assessments and/or upload relevant data. They can use photos, video, audio, documents or any other supported media to demonstrate compliance and to show work place skills. All uploaded documents are geo and time stamped to ensure authenticity, and work place assessors have access to verify students work.

This system would encourage more student engagement, which we know is a current issue with most providers.
The system also has a built in CV builder. The student can use real evidence from their assessments to build a CV that is job relevant to a position they may be applying for. It will showcase the students work ready skills and allow potential employers to see what the graduate can actually do.

What’s NEXTCertify for Workplace Supervisors?

Sometimes it is difficult to maintain good quality Work placements for your students due to the high demands placed on staff to complete mountains of paper work. NEXT Certify has a portal for work place assessors to be able to upload and record evidence to support their student’s assessment in the workplace. Like the students interface, the work place assessor can use video, photo, audio recording, or documents to capture evidence of the student performing the work place skills required for assessment. This data is uploaded to the system and links directly to the students’ assessment.

The student’s workplace log book can be viewed by the work place assessor, and they can verify students work with an electronic signature that is geo and time stamped to ensure authenticity. The workplace supervisor can also instantly communicate with the educational institution to notify them of any absences, incidents or other important information easily through the private chat function. They can also chat directly with their student too to inform them of any tasks they may need to complete or to check any work that needs to be implemented in the work place at the next visit.

What’s NEXTCertify for Trainers and Assessors?

Say good bye to the folders full of assessment paper work, and say hello to one portable device. Your student assessment time will be much easier to manage with NEXTCertify.

All students will be linked to the teacher/assessor and will be able to upload evidence and assessment materials all through the NEXTCertify system. The teacher/assessor will be able to mark assessments with the use of a digital signature and provide instant feedback to students through the instant messaging feature.

When conducting work place assessments, trainers and assessors will be able to use photos, video’s, audio recordings or of course, anecdotal recordings to capture evidence required for student assessment. These are all geo and time stamped to ensure authenticity and for application of the rules of evidence. There is a feature to blur faces in photos if there is the need for anonymity in care based industry for example.

Students will complete all assessment tasks through their log in and trainers and assessors will be notified when an assessment is ready for marking via a push notification. At a glance, you will be able to see where students are up to at any given time and identify any students who are not progressing as they should and act accordingly.

The #hashtag feature allows trainers and assessors to use one piece of evidence across multiple units of competency. If a nappy change is recorded, for example under the Care for Babies unit, it could potentially be #hashtagged and provide evidence to support performance criteria in Work Health and Safety and Infection control. This eliminates the need for rewriting the same data multiple times. A picture paints a thousand words!

Why NEXTCertify?

  • NEXTCertify will eliminate excessive use of paper!
  • NEXTCertify will streamline your assessment and compliance processes.
  • NEXTCertify will reduce man hours spent recording assessments and updating paper based files.
  • NEXTCertify will encourage student engagement!
  • NEXTCertify will ensure real and authentic evidence is captured.
  • NEXTCertify will eliminate the need for double handling….notes and evidence goes straight into the system..no need to ‘type up’ hand written notes for student files.
  • NEXTCertify will minimise requirements for Assessors to physically attend the location of the student to assess practical field work – these will be able to be viewed by logging into the App to view authentic time and geo stamped evidence of the student engaging in their practical experiences saving time, travel and accommodation expenses. Particularly valuable for regional and international students.
  • NEXTCertify is the only software developed to capture evidence to demonstrate compliance and support Accreditation Systems.
  • NEXTCertify is a user friendly system designed for all IT efficiency levels.