Launching 2018

Where did the NextVET concept come from?

The concept of NextVET was developed after we joined the VET sector after 25 years in the Early Childhood field as university trained teachers, directors and upper management.

After many years of using digital media as a tool for the recording of each child’s progression developmentally, it was interesting for us to discover that while we were using these types of mediums to assess children’s development, the adult learner world was continuing to use copious amounts of paper, scanning, and faxing, storing thousands of paper documents and so on. We reflected on this and asked ourselves the question why we could not be recording adult learning outcomes and assessment in a similar way to the way we manage their early learning counterparts.

Further to this, the introduction in 2015 of the VET Standards in Australia meant for the first time that there was compliance required in this training sector that had not previously been in place. This sent the VET sector into a tailspin as many of the providers are still trying to get their heads around how they will be able to demonstrate compliance against the National Standards. For us, with an extensive child care background, compliance and demonstrating this is second nature and something we have done extensively for many years, so to identify that this was the source of issue for many in the VET sector, opened up for us another aspect of our Platform which could assist RTO’s in demonstrating their compliance.

Internationally, our research and networking as members of IVETA (International Vocational Education and Training Association) has shown that the manner in which Assessment is being recorded is very similar to that which is occurring in Australia, ie paper based. Similarly, compliance management systems are in line with the Australian model, therefore Next should convert easily onto the international platform.

What has our Industry consultation told us in the early stages of our Platform development?

In developing our Platform, to ensure the integrity of the product, we have undergone confidential industry consultation, which has enabled us to share our concept and our product with experienced VET providers both nationally and internationally. Our feedback to date has been extremely positive with a keen sense of anticipation as to when the Platform will be available on the market.

Our consultation has been with both the private and public sector and has demonstrated to us both the need for progress in this area of the VET industry and the support required by the VET industry to comply with new industry standards.

Where Is NextVET at in the Development Stage?

At Next, we are busily working with our development team and are on track for full product launch in March 2017.

We have nationally based Registered Training Organisations on standby ready to pilot the program in the New Year and we are excited to be introducing our revolutionary product at many of the big Vocational Education and Training Conferences next year.

These include:

  • 97th AACC Annual Convention, New Orleans, USA: April 22-25th 2017
  • International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) 2017 Conference, San Antonio, USA: June 25-28 2017.
  • World TVET Conference 2017: Queenstown NZ: September 13-14 2017
  • VELG Conference 2017: Sydney Australia: September 14-15 2017